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Jeff Lewis

One of fourteen Elected DOT Officials representing Georgia

You are invited to join us for dinner at Family Tradition Restaurant Thursday. July 11th at 6:00pm to hear and meet Jeff Lewis, former State Legislator and Current GDOT Official!

The Mountain Road Precinct, one of 42 across Cherokee County welcome families, friends and neighbors to join us for dinner at Family Tradition Restaurant in Hickory Flat. Learn more about critical issues and events vital to our self-governed process in Cherokee County, the State of Georgia and across America.

Cherokee County citizens who are looking for answers to the overcrowded roadways in Cherokee County. New East-West corridors have been discussed and citizen involvement is needed to guide growth for the future of our growing communities in Cherokee county on a variety of topics including:

Improving State Highways in Cherokee County
Design & Funding of Potential “Toll Roads”
Cooperation among city, county & state governments
Vision for New Roadway Development in Cherokee
Federal Grants and Creative Financing

This event has ended

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