Keith is a Christ follower, husband to Kim, dad to 4 boys (Aiden, Kipton, Everett (passed away 3 hours after birth), and Finn), small business owner and State Representative candidate for Georgia’s district 21.

Keith is running because he wants to ensure we not only keep, but improve our American dream. He believes we can do this by improving our education system, easing our traffic problems, and eliminating barriers for small business growth.

On a macro level, he believes in the following:

  • Limited government
  • Lower taxes
  • The right to life
  • The 2nd amendment
  • Term limits
  • The Constitution and the Bill of Rights of this great country
  • We are a country of laws and supports legal immigration
  • You must be a US Citizen to vote

Keith is also a Marine Vet who served for just under 8 years (active duty) as a signals intelligence analyst. Keith served in operations OIF, OEF, and the Global War on Terror. While in the Marines, Keith was the Marine of the Year while serving in Japan and awarded medals for his work in the intelligence field.

Aside from his business, Keith serves on the board of The Joy House, volunteers at Woodstock City Church, coaches soccer and loves to engage with his family serving with other nonprofits. Keith also holds a dual degree from Georgia State University (Finance & Management). He loves to play golf, running, playing guitar, scuba dive, hike, camp, and spend time with his friends and family.

Keith is also an active member of the following organizations: