Georgia should be a LEADER IN EDUCATION:

I believe we need an education system which prioritizes teachers and relationships with their students. We have good teachers who are fed up with the current education system which limits their ability to teach and build relationships with the kids, parents, and families. I will continue to listen to our current educators and those who left the profession to help make Georgia a leader in education.

I believe in school choice and educational freedom. My 3 boys attend Holly Springs Elementary School. We choose to put them in public school for many reasons. Every family is not the same. Every teacher is not the same. As such, parents should have the right to choose the best environment for their child’s education.

I believe in the local school system and their ability to make the best decisions for their district. The state should empower them to meet the needs of their district.

Let’s not forget our kids, each are precious individuals who learn in different ways who need not be treated as a commodity.