Many of the residents in District 21 and District 46 have been affected by bad annexation and zoning practices by the City of Woodstock.  Here are 4 points about this issue and things to consider as I run for State House for District 21:

1) I think the annexation was a BAD idea. If I was on the Woodstock City Council I would have voted against it.

2) So much can be done by just LISTENING, asking great questions, and having meaningful conversations. It seems that issues with this bad annexation could have been avoided if we did more of this.

3) I will use every bit of my influence in this role to keep bad annexations from happening in the future.

4) While we are running this campaign now, if I am blessed enough to win, I will not be sworn in until January 2021. As such, this project will be adjusted and finalized before I am in the office. Any politician or candidate who isn’t straight with you about that is just trying to score points with you.

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